Motivational Talks

With my knowledge and experience as a personal trainer, coach and ex-chef I am looking to help provide the right motivation help for you.

I’ve been to a range of local Christchurch businesses to talk about the benefits around nutrition, exercise and mindset. These have been run as 30 minute lunch-time workshops or early evening staff meetings to help provide some basic ideas, structure and support.

For me, motivation is about finding a supportive environment to help you move forwards.

With these sessions Michael can tailor the topic and talk to what you want out of it or perhaps run the sessions as a fortnightly course for 3-4 sessions?

Email Michael to enquire.

Here’s Michael mid talk at Focus talking motivation:

Exercise Seminars

hillmorton exercise seminar
The Team at Hillmorton High

Recently Focus has been to Hillmorton High School to run 2 exercise sessions as a one-off event and run through various exercise activities, drills and games. These exercise sessions can be organised for your workplace as a regular and on-going group training or perhaps utilised as a team building event to run.

I have run a few 4-8week training blocks with local Christchurch companies for their staff and this could be a once per week session or 2-3 sessions per week. These sessions can be custom made to fit the individuals and we can bring all the equipment needed.

Another example may be a once per week training session with the addition of another exercise program to do as individual in their own time.

Recently I have been working with a team to help them work together in preparation for the upcoming Summer Start on November 27th.

If you would like to discuss options that may work for you, please get in touch:

Nutrition Seminars

Through an informal environment Michael can put together a small and practical seminar designed to help you understand the basics of nutrition and give you knowledge and understanding to improve your own health, goals and lifestyle through nutrition.
Having key areas and methods to help you make the right choices most of the time will lead to the best result.
As nutrition is such a big subject that can vary depending on you and your personal goals, Michael can help find the right fit for you.

We’ve have run these seminars before at Focus with 15-20 people in attendance, some snacks and refreshments available and a take home information booklet on the content we covered.
I often like to discuss as a group what people actually do, practical tips or take-home points and aim to give everyone something to apply to their own lives for self improvement.

Please contact me for further details:


Here’s an example of a recent flyer for an event at Emerge Aotearoa: