Team Training

Team Training

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What is Focus Team Training?

Focus Team Training is semi private personal training & will help achieve your goal through frequent training, improving every week and providing a platform for you to thrive!

All the individual benefits of personal training + the benefits of training in a team of like-minded individuals!
Focus Team Training allows you to train multiple times per week at a competitive price while ensuring you get the most effective workouts.
Our full timetable and descriptions are below of each session.

With Focus Team Training we also support you through your journey with a weekly check-in as needed to do any testing, measuring, talk nutrition.
Team Training at Focus is not just turn up, get sweaty and then leave. We are focused on you, guiding and supporting you as an individual.

Our training timetable offers a full range from 5:30am, 6:15am, 6am, 4:30pm & 5:30pm + Saturday morning options.
We also offer a Thursday evening recovery session and Yin Yoga on a Saturday morning to aid recovery, address technique and help you move correctly and effectively.

We utilise a bookings system called Mindbody, you can book in a two week trial here to get started with us.

With Team Training We Recommend:
  • 2-6 sessions per week, but dependent on your goal
  • Mix up your training & try out different sessions
  • Consistently training week to week & have structured days off for recovery. We will help set you up a plan for this once you join.

Each of our sessions include a full body dynamic & mobility warm up to address any joint mobility or injuries you may have plus a cool down & relaxation at the end of your session.

Join up now and also receive a complementary consultation and PT session values at $150!


Team Training Timetable


If you would like to know more, please email” or ring Michael on 021-0299-0423.

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