Strength & Conditioning Camp

Strength & Conditioning Camp

This is a stand alone program running for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings at Focus.

A tailored program focuses your body and your muscle differences directly to a few movements. Undertaking Strength and Conditioning programmes will give balance to muscle differences, toughen up tendons and ligaments, tackle flexibility and reduce injuries.
We focus on 2 main compound exercisers, accessory work and conditioning in each session.

This small group training session is great to aid your training week, provide a challenging session and can cater for all levels and abilities.
This program is also best done in conjunction with Focus Team Training.

Investment for this program is $150 and runs throughout the year.
Email to secure your spot today.

In the past we have done front squats and pull ups or vertical pulls.
Barbell cleans, squat cleans and other olympic lifts.
Also single leg and single arm movements to complement your training.

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