Body Composition Testing

Body Composition Testing

We encourage people to understand the importance of their own body composition, rather than focusing on the number on the scales.

This is a valuable tool for health, fitness and weight management. Scans are non-invasive, done fully clothed and take less than a minute. You will receive your results instantly and the total process including explanation takes around 10 minutes. See our video below.

Do you want – support – accurate tracking – motivation and accountability for weight loss, health or fitness progress?

Are you sick of the scales not reflecting your hard work?
Do you want to learn your “real” body age?

Or would you just like a one off scan to see where you are at?

For only $45 you will receive a comprehensive A4 colour report, including; Fat & Muscle %, Body weight, Total Body Water, Protein, Bone Mineral Density, Fat Mass, Skeletal Muscle, Fat Free Mass, Internal/Visceral Fat (the potentially dangerous hidden fat around our organs), segmental analysis of your arms, legs & trunk, B.M.R, body age & much more.

Our mobile machine is TGA registered in Australia as a medical device and is the first of it’s kind in NZ, it provides a diet and exercise prescription and even has smartphone technology, which means, as well as your A4 colour printout, you can also download a FREE QR Reader to your smartphone and have anytime access to your results directly from your device!

We recommend our clients do a scan every 6-8 weeks to track their progress, this will help to stay on track, highlight any necessary adjustments and keep that motivation going!


Testing Dates for 2018:

Saturdays at 10:30am at Focus:

  • April 7th,
  • June 2nd,
  • July 28th,
  • September 22nd,
  • November 17th.

To book, please click this link and select Focus and the date you would like to book:

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