Why Do 80% of New Years Resolutions Fail?

Why Do 80% of New Years Resolutions Fail?

new year, new me?
Many of us wait for the “perfect time” with our health, nutrition, and fitness. But this all-or-nothing thinking — as in, “If I don’t do this perfectly then it’s awful!” — rarely gets us “all”. It usually gets us “nothing”.
Are you waiting for the “perfect time” to start eating better, or exercising, or finally getting in shape?
Are you putting off that dream trip, or a new project, or that skill you’ve been meaning to learn?
If so, some of these phrases may sound familiar:
When I get a different job.
When things are less busy.
When I find a workout partner.
When I find the right equipment.
When I feel less awkward in the gym.
When I lose 20 kilos.
When I get the right workout routine.
When my fridge is full of the right foods.
Tomorrow. Next week. Never.
Human beings are always “waiting for the perfect time”. But why?

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For many, it’s a great distraction and justification. It helps us avoid the real—and risky—work of doing.
For others, perfectionism and avoidance serve as strong armour against potential embarrassment, criticism, and failure.
“I could ___ but ___” keeps us safe from pain.
Unfortunately, it’s also what keeps us from growing, thriving, and being who we know we have the potential to be.
That’s why all-or-nothing thinking—If I don’t do this perfectly then it’s worthless—rarely gets us “all”.
It usually gets us “nothing”.

There is no perfect time. There never will be.
All this is very common around late December and into Early January….
But why then? Why the sudden urge like the thoughts and comments above?
Why wait until 1st Jan to start your New year, New me stuff?

Your game plan is to start Now!

Not wait, book in, make the phone call, do your research, re-do your CV or whatever it may be. Take action, take a step and get moving! Now.

Over time, doing something adds up to be a lot!

I mention 80% of New Year Resolutions fail and here are some possible reasons why-
Unrealistic expectations or goals
Attempting the new goals or plans with no real structure or planning.
Lack of support or guidance for when things get tough.
Too much thinking and not enough doing.
You haven’t built your plans around habits and sustainability.

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6 Real Life Fitness Tips to Start off 2018 Right

2017 is coming to a close, its time to start 2018 off right, here are some real-life tips to building a better lifestyle in 2018. Let us know your 2018 lifestyle goals and which tips you will be using to get healthy!

1- Watch what you eat

Eat Healthy, 6 Real Life Fitness Tips to Start off 2018 RightThis is the most important tip I can give you and it’s pretty self-explanatory. I think it’s important to realize that the best training program in the world will not beat poor eating choices.   Start tracking what you’re eating by writing it in a food log.  You might be surprised how much or little you eat.  Replace the chips, cakes, and chocolate bars with better choices.  Instead of drinking Coke or Fanta, drink water or make a nice iced tea.  What I have found is that people don’t realize the amount of sugar that they consume daily.  Take notice, we did not mention anything about dieting.  Dieting is not sustainable.  Making the right food choices and the amount you eat is sustainable throughout the year.

Yes, you will slip up.  Don’t get discouraged and quit.  Just get back on track.
Also track on here your water intake.
Do you have a variety of vegetables going in at least 3-4x per day?
Having regular alcohol free days?
How about regular good fats like olive oil, cashew nuts or almonds every day?
Are you eating good lean meats such as fresh salmon, chicken breast, legumes, quality red meats, fresh eggs?

2– Team up with other awesome people!

(see tip number 5) Meet a few friends for a walk up a hill or book in for a spin class. This builds accountability, aids variety, keeps it fun and training with your friends makes it more likely to stick.
How about trampoline world or testing your fear at Clip and Climb?
Hit the pools for a few laps or a water-based class?
Checked out the bike park?
How about booking a 2-week Team Training trial with us at Focus?

3- Plan your schedule

Start with a simple 3week map of what you will do on what days starting today.
I find editing and downloading a blank calendar very helpful, then adding in a few resistance training sessions, walks or what activity you like and enjoy.
Go for less is more!
Aim to have a varying mix over the 3-weeks and use this 3-week introductory phase as a chance to establish habits. I suggest starting with 2-3 sessions per week of at least 30-45mins if you are a beginner.


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4- Start Slow

Your best chance for success when adding fitness to your life is to start slow.  This is not a race to see who can finish first but who can keep going.  A slow start allows your body to reap the rewards without feeling overly sore or risking injury.  Whatever you think is moderate for you take another 10% off and you’re starting to get the idea.

 5- Join in a challenge

Kick start your 2018 fitness with a gym challenge like the one we just launched at Focus –  6 Week Real Life Challenge. This is a great way to start off your 2018.
Challenges will help you establish a series of good habits around exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.
Challenges offer a lot of value and will support you along the way making it easier and more likely to stick long term.
You also get multiple other benefits, like coaching, fitness testing, guidance as you need it and a very cost-effective option.

6- Do the basics!

Re-set and utilize this time to bring back better habits around water intake and sleep.
Take a water bottle with you everywhere, drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, have a chamomile tea before bed.
For sleep, aim to have a consistent bedtime and wake time. No screens after 8-9pm. In bed by 10 pm.
A good nights sleep consistently is gold! This will make a world of difference to any goal, how you feel, recover and aid your food choices during the day.


6 Real Life Fitness Tips to Start off 2018 Right

If you would like more help, please book a complimentary consult with me and we can run through a few ideas to help you build a better lifestyle.

PT in the Park Fundraiser

Over 150 people attending our SPCA Canterbury Fundraiser yesterday at Pt In the park!!!

Rocking it out! $3000 of prizes were given away but more importantly we raised a ton of money for the SPCA!
We also met Holden who is up for adoption from the SPCA
Go check them out, help out where possible!

Awesome morning!