“Just Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway!”  I am a 52 year old woman who has not exercised for a couple of years.  I was nervous about getting back into working out and was self conscious about my change in appearance due to weight gain and my lack of flexibility.   However, I am so glad that I “felt the fear… and did it anyway” by joining Focus Gym!  At Focus Gym, I feel free to try new things, sweat and give it my all without the intimidation of other people watching and judging my ability (or lack thereof).  I can truly push to my max and “focus” on how I am GOING to look and feel (as a result of my workouts) rather than how I look while I am working out!

Michael Sullivan is my personal trainer and he is awesome…a perfect fit for me!  His enthusiasm is contagious!  He pays attention to every detail and genuinely wants me to succeed on my journey to better health.  He puts a lot of effort into planning my training sessions each week, too.  He individually tailors my workouts to my needs and capabilities and modifies exercises if I have any trouble or pain.  And…wow…does he ever pack  a lot into each of my training sessions!  I get a great workout, that’s for sure!  I have never worked out so hard …always in constant motion! He pushes me to my limits…but in a positive, motivational way.  I feel so energized and motivated after my training sessions.  It is an awesome feeling!

I love that Michael “focuses” on all aspects of healthy living… exercise, sleep, nutrition etc .   As a result, I have lost 10+ kgs so far and I’m so motivated!  My stamina and flexibility has improved, too!  Thank you, Michael for all of your help!  I can’t wait for my next training session!

Mary Alice.

I was your typical lazy couch potato, in other words, an overweight and very unfit fella who lacked motivation, had no energy and had no inclination to do any exercise. After once again complaining to my friend about my predicament, he recommended Michael Sullivan as a personal trainer.
Michael was exactly what I needed – I knew I had found the right person to help me reach my goals.
Since I started with Michael, I’m now fitter, more toned and stronger and have also discovered the pleasure and satisfaction of regular exercise. I have definitely moaned and complained along the way but with Michael’s encouragement, praise and humour he has pushed me out of my COMFORT zone, both mentally and physically and kept me motivated about working out. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone who wants to lose weight and get into shape!!

Phil N, 30   

I knew you and felt comfortable with you from Look Better Naked, but the main reason for continuing to work with you was because you are a darn good PT! You push me and challenge me like no other trainer has before. I have lost weight, and I am getting fitter. I think in a nutshell I was looking for some more self-confidence. As I’ve said, you’re the best trainer I’ve had. I really like how you introduce me to new stuff (foam rollers, protein cookies) too. The rollers have been great, your services are high quality.
You have helped me realise (again) that I really enjoy exercise.
You push me really hard. I train much harder with you than I would on my own. I really like the way you don’t rely on using the machines to train, like all of the trainers I’ve had in the past. That must be difficult sometimes I imagine, but I appreciate it as it keeps it fun and interesting for me.
The top two things I have gained from training with you:

1) More confidence in my appearance
2) Weight loss (nearly 6kg so far).

Describing you in 3 words = Serious, but fun. Dedicated.
I would think you’d be good with anyone considering choosing you as a PT.
Michael, thank you so much for being so dedicated and passionate about your work. It really makes a difference because it shines through and keeps your clients motivated. As a result they work harder because you truly do care about the service you provide and the results that your clients get.

Haidee Scott, runner, 37  

My experience with Focus: To be honest I was hesitant at first to change from training with Michael at Les Mills and joining his Focus location in Ferry Road – Why? When I analysed the reason for this it was simply I don’t like change but I do like training with Michael. I admire both Michael and Jo’s passion for their industry and their real desire to help people achieve their fitness goals and lifestyle changes. It’s not all about the money for them it’s a higher governance of health and wellbeing which is proven with their PT in the Park initiative.

Michael spends a lot of time setting up specific programmes for individual clients based on ability, strength, mobility and injury. He doesn’t pay lip service to his products or expertise, he delivers. If there is an interest in an area he isn’t skilled in (we just tried boxing!) he gets himself skilled and offers it up.

The Focus gym is a safe place to make mistakes, try your best and look your worst at the end of your workout without feeling like there are many eyes on you. It really is focused on YOUR needs.


I love focus because of how personal it is, when you ask how we are going you actually want to know, you are also very approachable when we have questions or are struggling a little. To be honest everything that focus is doing is fantastic!

I like the food posting critiques and the genuine concern/interest that we are on the right track. Improvements? Hmmm nothing springs to mind

I’ve just joined the team but have known Michael and jo for a wee while and I love my boxing and abs session!! Especially because it’s personalized just for me and Michael listens to my goals but pushes me to improve!!! And I love the txt the next day to see how the old body’s going which is genuine care! Keep up the good work

I love coming to see you guys! I love being challenged and shown that I can do it even with my annoying injuries and when the bod doesn’t want to cooperate with the mind! Nothing to improve on, everything is just spot on 🤗 thanks to you both for keeping it real and recognising that we are not always perfect

This is actually my first week and you guys are great. I had been a “gym bunny” 8 days a week for many years and then switched to running about 15 years ago. I fell out of love with the gym, tried to rekindle it a couple of years ago, but it didn’t work. So I was very cautious about being involved with another gym, but you are different. You are genuinely interested in our wellbeing and that is important. I find it refreshing. Well done.

I joined FOCUS through Bootcamp in January 2015, meet Michael through one on one session then have been working regularly with him since October 2015, joined different group sessions, and I am at my 3rd FBLC. This partnership is the key to my commitment. Above all he keeps it real and honest. His no nonsense approach and “doesn’t take no for an answer” philosophy work for me. The fact that he is also a Chef is a big plus for me as I do lots of cooking and feel that finally someone gets it. The partnership with JC allows a positive balance; her extensive knowledge and gentle approach (don’t be fooled though) give another flavour to training and lifestyle. In all FOCUS met exactly my expectations. This is where I don’t have to think and make decision…it has become my wee brain oasis even though my body is often in shock!

The group sessions are great and such a good size. I also love the fresh towels! It makes coming before work so much easier!! I like the idea of the small group cooking classes too.

I have never been a fan of group exercise but focus has changed all that. I like the size of the groups they are small enough to ensure that you get the training and support you need. I also really appreciate the advice and the encouragement to challenge myself further. Above all else it is fun. I leave the sessions feeling energized and like I have had a good workout.

Into my 2nd month now and as someone who gets unmotivated very easily I really appreciate the daily text messages smile emoticon

I love Focus – I have so much respect for Michael Sullivan andJoanna Cross and their commitment to what they do and how they do it. There’s no bullshit – just a group of like-minded people committed to what they are doing and keen to get on with it. Group training sessions work well for me – I like to be challenged – have some fun and everyone just supports each other. Oh and I love training outside – even in the cold. Is it worth getting up early for “hell yes”. I think Focus is great – the people are great – it’s an honest place where I feel challenged, supported and where I can just be – working out. Thanks guys!

I have been at FOCUS for 1 month and I love it. After being at my old gym for many years I just lost my way, no personal contact at all.. The commitment from Michael and Joanna is outstanding. Michael’s skills as a trainer and motivator are outstanding and an added bonus is his knowledge of food. I do like the approach you shouldn’t cut out whole food groups. Jo is a bundle of knowledge and boy her group sessions push you to your limits! They both listen to what you have to say and take it all on board. The group sessions are very motivating, always adjusted to your ability, small numbers and very friendly no matter what age you are! So very happy that I have found FOCUS.

I’d pretty much hit rock bottom physically when I started training with Michael. After 18 months of very limited mobility and constant pain after a knee injury, I was frustrated and worn down by the inability to do even the most simple things like stand up and walk across the room without pain. I wasn’t sure if I could cope mentally or physically with being back in a gym. Michael has found the right balance between hard ass and sympathetic with me. He doesn’t let me wimp out, but listens if the pain level is too high. The text messages to check in during the week make me feel valued and build a higher level of trust. I feel happy that he understands my main goal is to regain my mobility and slow and constant improvement is more realistic, and that it’s important to me to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable over the long term. I think the only change I would make is to bury the prowler somewhere dark and inaccessible!